The Journey to the West – Day 1


We were in a rush to leave… packing up our final few things into the camper, cleaning up our house, and making sure everything was in order.  When, at last, it was time to leave, there were tears in our eyes.  We locked our house, one final time, and Adrian and I held hands for a moment…just a little moment…and our hearts spoke what our mouths couldn’t.  Our journey was going to begin…good or bad, the decision had been made and we were heading West.  No house on the other side, just a job for Adrian and a belief that God would lead the way.

The kids were all buckled into their seats in the new van, a bit sadness mixed with excitement could be felt in the air.  We pulled away from the house, looking back at it until it disappeared from sight.  Once on the highway, the camper started drifting from side to side.  As Adrian struggled to maintain control of the van and camper, I prayed for our safety.  The van seemed to straighten out, and we were back on our way.  Again, the camper started to drift…this time, pulling the van with it.  We veered from one side of the highway to the other.  Adrian pulled over, and I began to cry.  My whole life was in that van, and I was scared!  Adrian held me on the side of the highway as I sobbed.  Once I regained my composure, we decided to redistribute the weight in the camper and the van, in hopes of making the van more able to pull the camper.  Again, we started on our way.  For a few miles, things seemed to go smoothly…then the camper began to drift and, again, pulled the van.  We pulled over again and decided that we could not continue.  We slowly drove to an apple farm and asked the owners if we could leave the camper in their parking lot while we decided what to do.  They were very kind and allowed us to leave it.  We drove the van back to our house and picked up our Excursion, which we had planned to have sold by a friend.  Looking back at our house, again, until it was out of sight, we drove back to the apple farm.  Adrian attached the camper to the Excursion.  He pulled out onto the highway, with me following in the van.  The Excursion handled it well.  We were, finally, on our way out West!

The drive was slow, with storms and wind all day.  After several hours on the road, it was just getting too late to make it to our first stop.  I called my dad and asked him to find us a campground for the night, somewhere near our driving route.  He got us reservations at a little campground just off of highway 94.  With exhausted little ones, we pulled into the campground and they quickly drifted off to sleep.

Once in our bedroom, Adrian shared something with me.  He thought that, when the camper and van drifted the second time, we were all going to die.  He said that only God kept us on the road…and God made our Excursion not sell (even though we’d had it “sold” twice, and the sales fell through)…and that God would get us to our new “home” out West. I am so thankful that God is in control…because, if I were in control, I would be too scared to do this.


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  1. Theresa

    So what did you do with the new van? Did you drive that behind?! I’m so excited for your journey and happy you are journaling it!

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