The Best Christmas Ever by Phoebie

My Phoebie wrote a poem and shared it at church. I just love her precious heart!
The Best Christmas Ever – by Phoebie 
I woke up to see my presents from Santa that day
With tinsel in my hand and a heart that gave away
I woke up Dad, then Mom
Then started to sing 
With love from beginning to end 
And a wonderful dream
I opened my present to see 
What a wonderful thing 
Was the statue of God and all good things
I was surprised to get such an unusual thing
Til I figured out who sent it
I read a note to figure it out
“Peace, love, goodies, a treat
Some day we will meet
From God in the Highest,” it said.
While I was tingling my feet
Love is the thing that made me me
And that is what I call Christmas.

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