It’s the Thought That Counts!

Yesterday was Abbigayle’s 12th birthday.  Every moment was filled with excitement.  Abbie just couldn’t wait to make supper and to enjoy her layered cake – the first layered cake I’ve ever made, that left a bit to be desired in the decorating department.  

After daycare, Abbie and I made her birthday dinner – 3 Cheese Chicken Penne.  With every ingredient, Abbie’s excitement grew.  When, at last, supper was in the oven, she couldn’t stop smiling.  We’d never made 3 Cheese Chicken Penne, so she just couldn’t wait to try it!  

When supper was *finally* finished baking, dinner was served (with cooked carrots and breadsticks, of course, just like they serve it at Applebee’s).  Abbie declared that it was “just as great as Applebee’s.”  As everyone ate, they struggled to sit still.  Waiting in their bedrooms were their gifts for their sister.  Each of the kids had worked extra hard, making something special for Abbigayle.  

When supper was finished, and the dishes were cleared, it was “present time.”  The little ones all waited patiently as Abbie read the cards that she got in the mail.  At last, it was time for the kids to give her THEIR presents.  

From Phoebie, a homemade piano made from a Cub Foods box.

From Chloie, the duck that she got out of the prize drawer at the dentist:

From Kai, a circle paper clip with a construction paper “gem” glued on, to be worn as a ring:

From Benjamyn, books from his bookshelf:

From Ayden, two pictures he’d colored:

From Ike and Gabe together, a softball that they had signed by the players from the local Shakopee softball team:

From Gabe, a personalized necklace:

From Ike, a personalized Bible verse card for her purse:

From Eliyjah, a birthday hug:

And, instead of Maggie giving something to Abbie, Abbie gave Maggie a gift – a new hat, with hair:

Each gift was received with such gratefulness.  Abbie realized that each of her brothers and sisters had sacrificed something for her, and she was thankful for every gift that she received.  With tears welled up in my eyes, I took in every moment – every giggle, every warm smile, every hug.  Even before she received her gift from Adrian and me, Abbie declared it “her best birthday ever!”

When Abbie opened her final gift, her excitement was just the same.  An American Girl Doll.

She loved all of her gifts, and didn’t prefer one to the other.  

After gifts, we sang “Happy Birthday to Abbie” and ate her two layer cake.  The kids all pitched in to clean up the kitchen, then it was off to bed.  My heart was so full as I went to my own bed and said my prayers.  I thanked God for each of my children and for their thoughtfulness. 



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4 responses to “It’s the Thought That Counts!

  1. ~Theresa

    This blessed me and doesn’t surpise me one bit. Your children are very thoughtful and loving. Reflects their mama’s heart. Love to all my favorite littles!

  2. Anne Donnelly-Rieke

    Lovely Beckie, so very lovely.

  3. Julie

    That’s amazing. So special indeed!

  4. What a WONDERFUL and LOVING family your are Doubly Blessed with. You Mom and Dad are SO proud of you.

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