I cleaned the house…and ended up with 27 piles of “stuff” on my dining room table.  I have a pile for each kid, a pile of bills, a pile of “special artwork”, a pile of mismatched socks, a pile of hangers, a pile of yarn, a pile of tools, a pile of books… SO many piles!!!  Where did all of the stuff come from??  Why wasn’t it all just put away to begin with??  I found a spoon on the bathroom floor and a sippy cup, filled with an unknown liquid, under the kids’ bed.  I found 37 cents in the couch cushions and 2 buttons under the end table.  There was a sock under the dining room bench and 2 Rescue Heroes in the Tupperware cupboard.  There was a Littlest Pet Shop pony and a Thomas the Tank Engine train in my bed.  I just added those things to our piles on the table.

With 2 adults, 9 children, and one wee one on the way, we DO have an awful lot of stuff.  Every time that one of us leaves, we come home with even more stuff.  The paperwork, alone, could burn our house down in minutes!! We could open our own paper recycling plant!!  With three girls, we have two bathroom drawers overflowing with hair pretties.  There are Legos and Matchbox Cars spilling out of totes, Barbies and Polly Pockets strewn about.  We have boxes and bags of clothes, every size and season, waiting for someone to grow into them.  There are winter coats and spring jackets, swimsuits and rain coats.  We have flip flops and tennis shoes, church shoes and winter boots.  We have cribs and toddler beds, high chairs and bean bag chairs, baby swings and bouncy seats, sleds and bikes.  Everywhere we look, there is stuff!!!  Our stuff is busting out at the seams!!

I don’t understand how dust even finds a place to settle, but…under all of the stuff is enough dust to write a short novel with your finger.  I can vacuum the same spot 15 times and STILL hear stuff getting sucked up.  (Who had Cheerios in the living room??)

I wonder if, when the kids are grown, we will be left with only 2 piles on the dining room table – one for Adrian and one for me…or will the “stuff” just continue to multiply as the kids have their own families and begin to have stuff of their own??



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2 responses to “Piles

  1. Theresa

    This was cute. If your like my mom you will continue to have piles for your children. Everytime I come to moms she goes to the shelf and gets me an article or something that she saved for me to look at. It might be a recipe or a picture she found or an article from the newspaper. We tease her about it all the time but I love that she does it. She knows the things that are important to us and when she comes across something she saves it for us.

    So while the piles might not be as big (27!!!!), I am sure there will be some. God bless you as you care for your family.

  2. Theresa

    Popping in to say I love you!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell the kids that I love them and miss them too.

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