When is it “ME” Time?


I spent much of last night feeling sorry for myself.  Eliyjah was pulling my hair, Benjamyn was chasing the dog, Ayden was whining in my ear, the girls wanted curlers in their hair, the big boys wanted to play with their friends “for just a few more minutes,” and Adrian had the tv turned up a bit too loud.  All that I wanted was two minutes of “me” time!  Was that too much to ask?!!  I tried to ignore all that was going on around me.  I focused only on the baby mittens that I was crocheting, and didn’t look at anyone.  

“MOM!!!!”  (I wouldn’t look up.)  “Momma, can I go outside?”  (I was not going to listen.)  “MOOOOOOM!!  Benjamyn flooded the toilet!”  (“Which toilet?!!” I thought, in horror, but still refused to look up.) 

As I listened to Adrian fumble through the countless questions, and watched the kids’ confusion, I remembered something.  I wanted all of these little “interruptions” and I am thankful for each one.  

You would think that my attitude would’ve changed with that realization.  Nope.  I continued on in my selfish “me” moment.  I didn’t put down my crochet hook, though my stitches were fewer and farther between.  I didn’t look up when the littles said my name.  I just sat there with big tears in my eyes wondering, “Who is this selfish person?”  

“MOM!!!  Eliyjah bit me!”  (Still ignoring.)  “Momma!!  Can I have a drink?”  (He knows where the sink is.)  “Momma, when is it snack?!”  (Tomorrow??)  “MOOOOOM!!!  I have to poop!”  (She knows where the toilet is.  Oh, wait… It’s flooded.  Adrian knows where the plunger is.)  

With tears welled in my eyes, and a stern look on my face, I continued to ignore all that was going on around me.  The confusion in my house was ridiculous.  My littles were looking at the clock, trying to figure out if it was bedtime…or maybe lunchtime…  Adrian was turning up and down his television program, trying to deal with the various needs of our children.  And there I sat…ignoring.

Then it happened…  Phoebie looked at me, waiting patiently for me to look back at her, and sweetly asked, “Momma, can I rub your feet?”  With that, my “me” time was over.  All of the kids piled in close on the couch and we snuggled until bedtime.  I smelled their little sweaty heads, I held their dirty little hands, and I listened to their funny little stories.  

What made me think that I needed “me” time??  How boring it would be without my “real” life.  

Galations 6: 1-2 But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

3 John 1:4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.


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  1. Theresa

    Dear Bestie,
    I adore and miss you!!!! Praying for you tonight.

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