Putting Away Winter


It’s my favorite season at the Ebling house!!  It’s “Put Away Winter.” 🙂  On Saturday, I asked Adrian to please bring in the boot boxes from the attic.  He looked at me like I was crazy, telling me that Winter isn’t over yet.  I assured him that Winter is indeed over, and convinced him to bring me the boxes.  The boots are packed!!  Today we will be bringing in the Spring coat boxes from the attic and packing up the Winter coats.  With temperatures in the 70s all week, I am confident that “Put Away Winter” is here, and that Spring has sprung!!  Soon the sloppy piles of mud will bloom into lovely grass, and the naked trees will clothe themselves in beautiful leaves.  Tulips will poke their heads from beneath the ground, and green sprouts will appear from beneath the ugly brown of Autumn.  

Children will begin playing outside from the moment they wake up, their voices carrying across the neighborhood.  Families will play long games of baseball.  Boys will shoot baskets and girls will jump rope.  New mommas will push strollers down the sidewalk, enjoying their first Spring with their babies.  Old people will drive by, with the tops down on their convertibles.  Teenagers will complain, “Why do old people drive convertibles?”  Old people will laugh at them, knowing WHY old people drive convertibles – they’ve earned it!  Teenagers will flock to the McDonald’s, hanging out in groups, talking about teenage things.  Girls will rollerskate up and down the neighborhood, pretending not to notice the boys looking their way.  Boys will pedal their bikes, trying to show off to girls, but pretending that they are only being tough.  There will be games of Tag and Kick the Can.  From every block, you’ll be able to hear Moms yelling out to their kids that it is “dinner time.”  After eating as quickly as they can, the kids will again gather in the streets for a few more moments of play.  By bedtime, the streets will grow quiet.  The children will get tucked safely in their beds, and will dream about all of the Spring fun that they will have the following day.

Yes, “Put Away Winter” is here.  And it feels WONDERFUL!


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  1. Theresa

    Hey there bestie. 🙂 Love you and am praying for you. Might just drive up and see you one of these days. SURPRISE! 😉

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