You’re Wearing WHAT?!!


Ayden insists on wearing the same outfit day after day.  When we give him a bath, we have to sneak his outfit out of the bathroom and into the laundry room.  Immediately after getting out of the bathtub, he is asking for his clothes – the ones that practically walked themselves out of the bathroom.  It is an hour long ordeal, helping him pick out something else to wear for the next several days.

Malakai, on the other hand, wants to wear new clothes every day – layers of clothes.  He will wear a sweatshirt with a short sleeved polo over it.  He will wear a decorative long sleeved t-shirt with a plain short sleeved t-shirt over it.  He will wear ski pants over sweatpants or shorts over jeans.  Always layers and never the same shirt or pants that he wore yesterday.

Chloie will wear 3 outfits in one day.  “MOM!!  I got water on the sleeve!”…”Ack!  The baby sneezed on this skirt!”…”THOSE pants are the wrong shade of blue.”

Iszak and Gabryel just want their clothes to have a cool name brand visible.  Even if the shirt has holes, or the jeans are covered in paint…it is all about the name.

Abbigayle is a hippie child.  She is stuck in a time warp, somewhere between 1960 and 1985 (she was born in 2000).  There can never be enough tie-dye or bright colors.  If there is a peace sign somewhere, even better!  Her socks have to be fun.  No white ankle socks for that girl.

Phoebie is all about the sparkle.  The shinier, the better.  She is always “red carpet ready.”  Lots of glitter and pizzazz!

Characters on everything, that is how Benjamyn likes it.  Thomas the Tank Engine shirt with Elmo pants, Bob the Builder overalls on top of a Monsters Inc. button down.  The colors are irrelevant.  The more characters he can combine, the happier he is.

Thank goodness I have Eliyjah.  I can dress him in whatever I want…if I can get him to lie still long enough to get dressed.  Okay, in all honesty, most days he is wearing a diaper.  Only a diaper.  I figure, he came into the world naked…it must be comfortable.  If not for the worry of pee on my carpet, I’d probably just let him wear his birthday suit all day.

Adrian wears “business casual” to work, then comes home and slips into jammie pants and a white t-shirt.  I put on something “cute” every morning, myself, but my clothes are usually covered in baby barf and unrecognizable foods and craft supplies by evening.  When Adrian changes into his jammies, I am right behind him changing into mine.  We no longer dress to impress…we dress for practicality and comfort.

Next time you see my family at church, or out on the town, please look at the cute faces of my children…not at their mismatched attire.  Last Sunday, after a long battle of MY choosing their clothes, I was helping the kids into their coats and happened to pass a mirror.  As I looked at my reflection, I noticed that I was still wearing my pajamas and hadn’t brushed my hair.  WHAT?!!  All of my children looked so cute – matching outfits, clean socks, hair pretties in place, teeth brushed…and I was still in my pajamas.  ACK!!  That’s what I get for fighting “their style.”  Never again!



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3 responses to “You’re Wearing WHAT?!!

  1. Cindy Luebke!!

    I absolutely agree, don’t fight their style! Unless ofcourse it is sending a negative message! I can not stand the G-Thug look of saggy pants with underwear out the top and the sideways hats. When I have the opportunity I try to convince them NOT to send a gangster message. Because after all you are ALWAYS guilty by association, no matter who you are inside!!! I love that you have each one figured out and most of all that they are all unique in their ways and still part of a super family!!!

  2. Theresa

    This was such a cute post. Andrew fits somewhere between Ayden and Malakai. 🙂

  3. Aunt Jan (Mom II) ;-)

    This is way too cute! I can even visiualize it which is scarier! At least they aren’t the Stepford Kids! Thank goodness for self expression! Look how interesting your children are not to mention how cute and stylin’ they are!

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