Seeing Ugly

As I look outside and see the snowflakes falling, I don’t see the beauty.  Instead, I see a blanket of snow that will soon become mud…and muddy little footprints tracked across my floor.  I see my dryer running overtime, as the kids want to go outside and come back in…over and over again.  I see myself tripping over boots in the entryway, and mismatched mittens strewn about the house.  I see myself spending hours dressing and undressing little ones who, just as I squish the last chubby hand into a mitten, will have a sudden urge to go potty RIGHT NOW.  I see drips of hot chocolate all over the counter and table top, and marshmallows stuck to the bottom of the kids’ socks.  I see runny noses and kleenexes overflowing the garbage cans.  

When I wake up to the glistening of snow, falling from the sky, I want to close all of the curtains and turn on a movie… I want to snuggle with my littles, under tons of blankets, and wait for the snow to melt and the mud to dry.  I want to stay warm in the house until we can trade the snowsuits for swimsuits.  

Oh, Spring, where are you?!!  Please come quickly!!  I just don’t know how long I keep these littles snuggled.


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One response to “Seeing Ugly

  1. Theresa

    Love the picture at the end! Did you crochet the afghan?

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