40 in a 30

I got pulled over the other night – I was driving Adrian’s rental car and going 40 mph in a 30 mph zone (oops!) – and the officer asked for my license and insurance information. I gave him my license and explained that I was driving my husband’s rental car and didn’t know where his papers were, and apologized for my rush. 

Me: “But, isn’t that a 35 mile per hour zone?”
Officer: “It IS, except where you were going 40.”
Me: “Darn!”
Officer: “40 in a 35 is still speeding.”
Me: “True. Sorry.”

He took my license and went back to his car for a moment.

Soon, he was back at my window, with his flashlight pointed at my license for me to see.

Officer: “Do you see anything wrong with your license?” 
Me: “Umm… I weigh more than that?!”
(I had just watched a news report about people getting tickets for lying about their weight. Seriously?! Could you get in trouble for weighing more when you’re pregnant?!! ) 
Officer: *giggle* “Umm… Are you busy this week?”
Me, thinking: *WHAT??!!*
Officer: “Look here.” He pointed the flashlight beam over the expiration date on my license. 
Me: *embarrassed* “Oh!!! Oops!”
(My license expired on my birthday.)
Officer: “Do you have time to take care of that this week?”
Me: “Absolutely.”
Officer: “If you promise to take care of it, I won’t give you a ticket. Have a good night!”

I am sure his wife LOVED that story.



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5 responses to “40 in a 30

  1. that is cute Beckie! I bet his wife as well as the other officers loved that story. glad you got a break on the ticket too.

  2. Sarah Fults

    ❤ i love that story too!! luv you too

  3. Jennie Costello

    Haha! I LOVED this! You are a wonderful writer, Sis. 🙂

  4. Cindy Luebke!!

    Keep writing cause some day this is all going to be a Best Seller!!!!

  5. Theresa

    Funny!!!! Did you tell him you have preggo brain? LOL

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