In the Beginning, God…

The kids are learning about creation this week.  We have studied how God created everything, and how each new creation built upon what He created before it.  Nothing was done without careful thought.  And God saw all that He created and it was GOOD.

We learned that history truly begins with: “In the beginning, God…” 
Any other story would begin: “Once upon a time, there was…”

I decided that it would be fun for the kids to write fairytales.  They each began their story with, “Once upon a time, there was…” Here is what they came up with:

“Once upon a time, a big neo-genic mutated rock/asteroid that was 400 million meters round got hit by a burning asteroid that was about 100 million meters round that made all of the neo-genics fall out, which started spinning and multiplying around the bigger astroid. When everything cooled, then got heated, that is what made the earth, and moon, and galaxies. The the neo-genics took light in only one direction so that at one time, one part got light and the other part got darkness, and the in between got a little of both. At the same time, the god of water was dying, so he gave this new world water to separate the air, dryness and wetness. The dust turned into lots of monkeys of all different types – flying, running, swimming, and anything else you could think of. There also was one big ape and it formed into a human to lead the world and keep it in order.  Over 100 million years is what it took, though, for the monkeys/apes to turn into every other creature and human.

Once upon a time, there was a big bang and the earth was made.  Animals of all kind and humans popped out of the air and everything was colorful – pink, purple, blue, red, and green.  It was very fun until some type of evil guy with every power on earth came and made it not colorful. He took the unicorns and made it how it is today.  That is how it was “fakely made.”

Once upon a time, there was a big bang.  The planets came to life.  Earth was a watery hole with a little part of land, called Panama.  Panama was a desert.  100 years later, small particles made a small amount of plankton, which soon created shrimp, then squid, then octopuses.  On Panama, trees and plants bloomed.  Back under the water, boney creatures swam under the sea.  When they noticed it is easier to breathe on land, some went on it, while others stayed.  Problems began.  Predators of sea and land ate other creatures.  Dinosaurs ruled until an asteroid came and hit Panama, killing all of them.  Radiation got on some monkeys, creating humans.  100,000,000 years later, Panama is now continents today.  The creatures live freely with humans.  But we know it’s a coincidence.  Right??

Once upon a time, there was a big bang…
And the universe appeared out of nowhere.  And the universe had rocks and gasses.  They crumpled together and made Earth and all of the other planets.  The stars appeared and the stars grouped together to make the sun.  A planet flew into the atmosphere and created the moon.  Then seeds fell down from the sky.  That made flowers and plants.  The flowers turned into animals and flowers.  Then the animals peed so much, that created water.  Then man and woman fell from the sky and they had babies.  That is what happened.  (Not really!)

We are so thankful that we know the TRUTH about creation!!
 Thank You, God, for Your perfect order.  


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