My Very Best Day

The other day, my kids asked me, “Momma, what was your very best day?  Was it your birthday?”

After some thought, I knew the answer.  “My very best day was the day that I married your daddy and the day that each of you were born!  Yes, those were my very best days.”

I posted this as my status on facebook and was challenged by a comment.  “That is a lot of best days.  Now the question is, can you make a comment about each one of them?”  That got me to thinking…and remembering…  

I married Adrian on November 9, 1996.  The day was chilly, as some lonely snowflakes fell from the sky.  After rushing to get to the church on time (if you know me, you know that it wouldn’t be ‘Beckie-like’ if I wasn’t rushing), I waited for the church doors to open.  I was wearing a dress that had been lovingly stitched by my sister, carrying a bouquet that had been thoughtfully made by my sister-in-law, holding tightly to my daddy’s arm.  When the doors opened and the music began, I took a deep breath and gazed down the aisle toward the man that I would promise to love forever.  I remember looking at our friends and family, as my dad and I walked slowly to the front of the church… My grandmas and grandpa, such wonderful examples of true love; my aunts and uncles and cousins, who had watched me grow (and loved me through my not-so-lovable teenage years); my brothers, all grown up and starting their own lives; my sister, the one who had prayed for me before I was even conceived; my mom, my rock when I (often) felt like I was sinking; my friends, the ones who truly knew me and still chose to love me… Before I knew it, I was standing in front of our pastor with Adrian.  My dad, my wonderful example of who a man should be, had lovingly given me over to another man, trusting him to care for me and love me just as my daddy had done during my growing up years.  I don’t think that Adrian and I knew what we were getting into.  I think that we, at 19 and 20, thought that this was just the “next step”.  We dated, we fell in love, we got engaged…and we got married.  

15 years later, I look back and I see how very young we were…how naive we were.  God had a plan that day, and when the Pastor pronounced us “man and wife”, He made it good. 

And so, on November 9, 1996, the story of our family began…

Our first baby, Iszak, was born on May 11, 1997.  After several uncomfortable weeks of bed rest and pre-eclampsia, it was a huge blessing to finally hold my wee boy.  He made me a mommy on my first Mother’s Day.  Adrian and I had no idea what we were doing, but we sure enjoyed learning to be parents.

Our second baby, Gabryel, was born on February 11, 1999.  I had surgery just after Iszak had been born, and the doctor had told Adrian and me that we may not have more children.  So, when our Gabryel was born, we were thrilled with our miracle boy.

Our first girl, Abbigayle, joined our family on October 18, 2000.  A princess from the moment we saw her, we loved our sweet girl.

Our forth baby, Phoebie, came into the world on September 24, 2002.  After a miscarriage, it was such a relief to hold our healthy baby girl in our arms.

Two miscarriages after Phoebie left us devastated.  We felt broken.  Having four children, a lot of people didn’t understand why we were so upset.  It was a very lonely time for our family.

Our fifth baby, Malakai, was born on November 19, 2004.  We were worried throughout the entire pregnancy, and his birthdate could not come soon enough.  When we held him, we felt like we could finally breathe.  At 6 days old, he got terribly sick, and we found ourselves filled with worry.  The pediatrician confirmed our worst fear : meningitis.  His first year of life was a rollercoaster of unknowns.  God had big plans for our Malakai.  He is now a healthy 7 year old.

Our sixth baby, our third girl, Chloie, was born on May 28, 2006.  Many people thought we were selfish to have another baby when our Malakai was still struggling.  Chloie proved everyone wrong.  She was the motor that got Malakai moving.  When she reached a milestone, he was determined to reach it, too.  Chloie pulled him alongside of her all the way.  

Our seventh baby, Ayden, joined our family on December 27, 2007.  The kids were so disappointed that he wasn’t born on Christmas Day, but I think that he wanted Jesus to have His day all to Himself…and they quickly forgot their disappointment when they *finally* held him in their arms.

Our eighth baby, Benjamyn, was born on July 14, 2009.  On our first night in our new house, just as we were drifting to sleep, my water broke.  It was so exciting to bring our baby home to our new home just three short days later.

Our ninth baby, Eliyjah, was born on October 15, 2010.  Everyone was rooting for a girl, so I worried a bit when the kids came to the hospital to meet their sixth brother.  Chloie, the most “mothering” of the littles, was the first to find out.  We let her “unwrap the baby”.  When she took off his diaper and saw that he was a boy, she quickly smiled and said, “That’s okay.  I still love you!”  With a sigh of relief, we knew that our Eliyjah would be just fine.  

Our tenth baby will be entering the world sometime in April.  We are all excited to meet this tiny one whom the Lord has blessed us with.  



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