Raising Moles

After putting the kids to bed last night, I realized that I am raising moles.  

I’ve been to many arcades in my life and have always loved the Whac-a-Mole game… the game where you have a mallet and try to bang the moles in the head every time they pop out of their little holes.  Well, last night I realized that I am playing the mole game every night of my life.  I send the kids to their beds, tuck them in, say prayers, and…after an hour of “bedtime”…I finally go sit down on the couch for some quiet time.  That is when the moles come out.  One at a time, sometimes two at a time, the kids “pop up” in the living room – they need a drink, or they have to go potty, or they are scared of the shirt on their floor, or they need “just one more snuggle”.  It is always something.  Instead of using a mallet to bang them on the heads, I walk them back to their bedrooms and tuck them in all over again.  (After the second or third time of “popping up”, however, I sometimes wish I had a mallet!!)  

We’ve all watched ‘Super Nanny’ and KNOW how to get the kids to stop being moles.  You simply tell them it’s bedtime, then…after a night or two of walking them back to their bedrooms (sometimes carrying their screaming, flailing bodies back to their bedrooms) without saying a word to them, they turn into little bedtime angels.  Okay, Super Nanny…what happens when you’ve gone back to your real life for a few days. Those little bedtime angels surely find their voices again, their sweet little voices, and become moles asking for one last drink or just one more snuggle.  Then what??!!  

Where are the moles when it’s time to do chores?  Nobody comes popping up at that time!  (I need a mallet to get them out of their little holes at chore time.)  It’s only at bedtime.  Perhaps this is because moles are afraid of loud noises??  I do have an awfully loud house!  Perhaps my cute, little moles want to spend time with me when it’s quiet in my house?  Yes!  That must be it!!

I am raising sweet moles who prefer to spend time with me in the tranquility of the night.  


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