Take Two of These…

I finally broke down and went to the clinic after struggling with a migraine for three days.  I had tried to treat it at home, but my head just wouldn’t feel “right”.  The doctor gave me some medicine to try to “sleep it off”.  He told me, “Take this when Adrian gets home, then go straight to bed and sleep through the night.”  (The doctor told me to go to sleep EARLY?  And stay asleep?!  YAY!!) 

I went home and made all of the necessary preparations for an early escape to bed – Girl Scouts was canceled, dinner was in the oven, the house was somewhat picked up, I had Adrian’s work clothes set out for the morning… I explained to the kids that I was going to go to bed early, and that they were to be helpful and quiet.  I gave instructions – who had to clear the table after dinner, who had to load the dishes into the dishwasher and who had to hand wash, who had to pick up the living room before bed… Everything was ready for me to go to bed when Adrian walked in the door. 

After giving Adrian a quick kiss, I took the medicine.  I sat on the couch with Abbie, crocheting quietly, until I felt sleepy enough to sneak off to the coziness of my bed.  After I snuggled under the blankets, I slipped into a comfortable sleep.  Moments later, I heard music…very close to my head.  I struggled to open my eyes.  There, sitting right next to me, was Chloie playing on my iPad.  “Sweety, Mommy really needs to sleep, ” I whispered.  Then, I drifted back to sleep.  

A little bit later, I again heard music next to my head.  This time, when I opened my eyes, Ayden was sitting next to me, playing on my phone.  (Technology isn’t always all that it’s cracked up to be.)  “Ayden, darlin’,” I tried to sound patient, “take Mommy’s phone into your room to play.”  (Did I just give him permission to play on my phone?!!)  With that, he left my room and I fell back to sleep.

“I WANT MY TOOTH BACK!…I WANT MY TOOTH BACK!”  The screaming pulled me out of my sleep and shot me out of bed.  “I WANT MY TOOTH BACK!!”  (Who would steal a tooth?!  I just couldn’t make sense of it.)  “I WANT MY TOOTH BACK!”  The screaming continued.  As I walked out of my bedroom and down the hallway, I found the screaming child. Sitting on top of the kids’ bathroom counter was Chloie, holding her tooth, screaming uncontrollably.  Adrian was standing in the doorway, staring at her blankly. 

“Sweety,” I whispered, hoping to quiet her screams. “What happened to your tooth?”

“I was trying to open the Tums”…sob, sniffle…”and my tooth flipped off!”  Chloie has a ‘thing’ with Tums right now.  Apparently, she found the new bottle that I bought and was trying to be independent, opening it herself.  

“Well, I guess your tooth was ready to come out to make room for your big tooth!”  I tried to find some enthusiasm through my sleep fog.  

Obviously, those were not comforting words to Chloie.  “I WANT MY TOOTH BACK!…I WANT MY TOOTH BACK!”  She started screaming again, inconsolably. 

Adrian, thinking quick, took the tooth from her hands and offered to put it back.  (Really?!)  She quieted down and opened her mouth.  (Ooops.  I guess that wasn’t such a great idea.)  “Oh, honey…”  Adrian started giggling, uncontrollably.  

“I WANT MY TOOTH BACK!”  She was screaming again.  I just shook my head at the two of them and went back to my bedroom, shutting the door to drown out the screams.

At last, the screaming turned to laughing – Way to go, Adrian! – and I was able to go back to sleep.  

A few hours later, from another bedroom, another scream broke the silence of our sleeping house.  “MONSTER GET ME!!  MOMMA, MONSTER GET ME!!”  Good grief!!  I opened my eyes, but didn’t move.  I waited.  Moments later another scream.  “MOOOOOOMMMMMAAAAA!  MONSTER GET ME!”  Sleepily, I pushed the blankets back and stumbled out of my bedroom.  The screams were coming from Benjamyn’s room this time.  I opened the door and he looked at me with huge eyes, throwing his arms up in the air for me to pick him up out of his crib.  I stripped his pajamas off, changed his diaper, then took him to bed with me.  As I laid him on the bed, I noticed how full my bed was.  Rubbing my eyes, to see more clearly, I saw Adrian, Ayden, Chloie, and now Benjamyn, all in my bed.  Where was I supposed to sleep?  And…when did Ayden and Chloie come into my room??  

quietly lifted Ayden into my arms, and carried him to his bed.  Thankfully, he stayed asleep.  I peeked into the girls’ room to see where I could put Chloie… It was no wonder she came to my bed.  The bigger two girls were sprawled across their entire bed.  Too tired to move any more kids, I just pushed Chloie a little closer to Adrian, then pushed Benjamyn closer to Chloie, and slipped back into bed…all 2 inches of bed that was left for me.  

One short hour later, it was time for Adrian to wake up for work…and time for our day to start.  Perhaps, again tonight, I will “take two of these…and (try to) sleep until morning”.   


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