New Year’s Day Photo

It was New Year’s Eve night, we had just finished watching the ball drop… I asked the kids to sit for “just one more second”.  I wanted a picture of this very moment.  Ayden, sleeping on Ike’s lap, the other kids all piled sleepily against each other.  With a few moans, the kids sat up a little bit and waited as I found the camera.  I finally snapped the first photo at 12:06.  How do I know that it was 12:06?  Each minute that passed was welcomed by another grumbled, “Have you found the camera YET!?” 

I took several photos, each time asking another Little to please smile or stop picking his nose.  Finally, I settled on the 8th photo…not because it was a super great picture, but because all of the big kids left the room to get ready for bed.  

Not sure that I’d have a photo worthy enough to document this special moment in time, I begged Benjamyn (who is always ready to have his picture taken) to stand in front of the calendar for “just one picture, buddy”.  He happily stood in front of our crisp new 2012 calendar and smiled…then blinked….just as I snapped the photo.  Three more quick photos and Benjamyn, too, walked away.  I was left with a camera, and 12 photos on my SD card, that made my children look more like naughty hooligans than like the littles angels I saw, sitting on the couch, when I had decided to take the photo 9 minutes before.  

This morning, as I was getting ready to share my “2012 Ebling New Year’s Day Photo”, I discovered that my camera is missing…again.  Perhaps I should just hold the memory in my mind…perhaps the picture is better left there – my sweet Littles, snuggled in on the couch, watching the ball drop…sending out 2011 and bringing in 2012.  

Happy 2012!!  Wishing us all blessings…and photo-worthy moments!!


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