Malakai’s Girlfriend

Malakai, Phoebie and Abbie were eating breakfast this morning and we were talking about Malakai’s girlfriends.  

Malakai: “Olivia was my girlfriend first, then Grace.”

Me: “Why isn’t Olivia your girlfriend anymore?”

Phoebie: “Because Olivia started biting.”

Malakai: “And she kept hitting my chair, and made me fall off.”

Me, still thinking about the biting: “She bit you?!”

Malakai: “Yep! And she made me fall off my chair!”

Me: “So you broke up with her?”

Abbie: “Yeah, Mom….she BIT him.”

Malakai: “And knocked me off my chair.”

Phoebie: “So now Grace is his girlfriend.”

Malakai: “But Olivia doesn’t bite anymore, or knock my chair.”

Me: “Well, that’s good.”

Malakai: “Grace is still my girlfriend.”

….and he’s only in kindergarten. GASP!!


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