The 17 Day Diet ~ My Story

I am super excited to be taking on a new adventure!  I am going to be starting the 17 Day Diet.  YAY!!  With every adventure there is preparation.  My preparation is coming in the form of reading the book, adjusting my thoughts about food and drinks, and figuring out how to make the “new” eating cycle work for my family of 11.  I am not going to cook something special for me, and something else for my family.  We will all be taking this adventure.

The meal options are a little…bland.  I am not in love with many of the “approved foods”, but have decided that I will find a new love for foods that I have always avoided.

Below is my grocery list for the first 17 days:
Green tea
Canned light tuna (in water)
Chicken breasts
Ground turkey
Red peppers
Green peppers
Orange peppers
Yellow peppers
Green beans
Red grapes
Yogurt – fruit – sugar free
Olive oil
Flaxseed oil
Low-carb ketchup
Sugar-free jam

Adding to the above foods, I am supposed to drink a cup of green tea with every meal.  EVERY MEAL?!  And I have to limit my carbohydrates – no white bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, chocolate, biscuits, sugary desserts or sweets!  NO POTATOES OR PASTA?!  I am also supposed to avoid alcoholic drinks and sugar drinks.  NO PEPSI THROWBACK?!  Gasp!!  I do get to drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day, so that will be almost like drinking Pepsi Throwback, I am sure.

I am also starting a new exercise routine.  With my book came a dvd – “The 17 Minute Workout”.  I can do ANYTHING for 17 minutes.  The only trouble is that I don’t like to sweat.  I am thinking, however, that I am going to have to sweat to shed these last 20 “baby pounds”.

This isn’t just a diet… This is a lifestyle change.  And I am ready.

My body is His temple and every day I am a living sacrifice for Him.


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  1. Heather

    Good luck to you Beckie…I, too, am dieting and have been really good about making meals for the whole family (I do get some mutiny occassionally and pizza is served, while I make my wonderful chicken breast with green salad with no carb dressing and some sort of low-calorie, low carb vegetable). What I am doing is along the lines of Atkins, same concept, but some differences in that I actually feel healthy and my hair isn’t falling out 🙂 always a bonus. I’m on my last 10 pounds to lose but alas have “cheated” more than I should so I have been on these last ten pounds for about 3 weeks now 😦
    I hope everything works for you !!

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