A Mom’s Nap

After a long weekend of sick kids, I had decided that the whole family would be taking a nap on Monday.  When Eliyjah fell asleep for an early nap at 11:30AM, I was thrilled.  “NAP TIME!” I hollered, maybe a little too excitedly.

“But, we haven’t had lunch,” the kids all whined.

“Lunch time is after nap time today,” I said, rushing all of the kids up the stairs.

The kids all sulked into their bedrooms.  After quickly tucking them in, I climbed deep under my blankets.

Just as I was drifting off to sleep, I heard Phoebie yell, “FIRE!” from the girls’ bedroom.

I whipped the warm covers off and flew out of bed, my heart racing.  I ran to the girls’ room to find them playing with their stuffed animals.  Apparently, there was a pretend fire in stuffed animal land.

“OH MY GOODNESS, GIRLS!  Shhhh…”  My heart was still beating a hundred miles per minute.

I shut their bedroom door a little harder than necessary, walked back to my room and slid under my covers.  I calmed down and finally started drifting off again, when I heard a quiet banging on my wall.  I decided to ignore it.  I was so cozy under my warm blankets.  The banging got louder.  I was not getting out of bed!  I covered my head with my blankets.  Still, the banging got louder.  I covered my head with my pillow.  The banging was incessant.  WHAT WAS IT, for heaven’s sake?!!  I pushed myself out from beneath my cocoon of comfort and stormed across the hall to the boys’ room, shoving open their door.  In his bed, Kai had set up an entire army of Star Wars guys…along the wall between his room and mine.

“No battles at nap time!” I yelled in a whisper.

Argh!!  I shut the boys’ door and returned to the warmth of my bed.  This time I wasn’t taking any chances.  I immediately pulled the blankets over my head, covered by TWO pillows.

As I was contemplating sleep, I heard loud breathing behind me.  Pulling back the covers, and knocking the pillows to the floor, I turned around to find Chloie staring at me.

“Yes?” I growled.

“Momma, can we go downstairs to watch tv?” she whispered.  (Because whispering, I am sure, wakes me up less than talking.)

“FINE!” I barked. “Just be quiet about it.”

She didn’t move.  I raised my eyebrows at her angrily.

“So, did you say yes?” she whispered.

“YES!!”  I just wanted to go to sleep.

She tiptoed out of my room and padded down the stairs, with her older sisters and brothers right behind her.  Whew…

From the crib came a tiny whine.


The whine turned into full blown crying in a matter of seconds.

For the last time, I left the coziness of my bed.

So much for my nap….




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2 responses to “A Mom’s Nap

  1. oh no!!! good luck tomorrow, maybe they will tire themselves out 🙂

  2. This was to funny!!! I can totally relate, and have been there!! The last part with Chloie, is totally Jordan!! I have lived that same scene to many times!!

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