Some Funny Things I Don’t Want to Forget

Here are some funny things my kids have said in 2010:

Phoebie, literally, counting sheep to go to sleep – “17 sheep, 18 sheep, 19 sheep….”

Kai, looking at my driver’s license: “Mom!  Is this from when you went to jail?”
Me: “Kai, it’s my driver’s license.”
Kai: “How long was you in jail?”

Kai: “We won’t sell the baby if it’s a boy.”

Lollie: “If the baby’s a boy, I’ll like him a little.  If the baby’s a girl, I’ll love her a little.”

Lollie, looking at two ladybugs on the screen: “Awww, Mom!  Look at them!  They’re married.”

Ike, while listening to the girls tell a story about their day: “Can you skip ahead and only tell the exciting parts so it doesn’t take so long?”

Kai: “Mom!  Chloie called me a poopy butt face!”

Lollie, to my belly: “I hope you’re a jirl!”

Gabe: “Mom, what grade are you in when you digest a frog?”
Me: “Dissect a frog?”
Gabe: “Oh…Yeah. Dissect a frog.”

Phoebie: “When I grow up, I’m not gonna get married.  I’m gonna drive airplanes and move to Vegas.  If I send you bananas and they go bad, you can make banana bread.”

Chloie, while having a royal (apple juice) tea party with me: “This tea looks like pee.”

Iszak, after a school dance: “Mom, I danced with five girls.” …pause… “Don’t worry, Momma.  You’re still my best girl.”

Chloie, after making me a bracelet: “I only made you one cuz you don’t got a lot of friend.  I made Daddy two cuz, ya know, he gots kinda’ a lots of friends.”

Chloie: “In your next bedroom, you should have two beds so you and Daddy don’t have to sleep with each other.  You could have, you know, a bunk bed…and Daddy could sleep on top.”

Me: “I’m the mom!”
Chloie: “Not of this house!”

Malakai: “Mom, I don’t be a bully at my class.  I be a buddy!”

Chloie, watching a Charmin commercial (the one with the bear wiping his bottom behind a tree): “That kind is for bears…so it’s kinda different than our kind.”

Chloie, while watching Santa’s sleigh fly (on tv): “I would buckle!  Wouldn’t you?  Or we’d fall off.”

Iszak: “I don’t want to go to summer school.  It’s like school…except it wastes my summer.”

Chloie, talking about Ayden and Benjamyn: “We could just give them away, even Jammie because he pinches.”

Phoebie: “I’m not gonna marry.  Kassidy (her friend) is gonna be my room buddy in Vegas.”

Ayden, pointing a Nerf gun at me: “Get me an ippy!” (sippy cup)

*not a kid, but…
Adrian: “How are you so cute?…like a little gopher!”

Chloie: “Daddy came out of your belly.”
Me: “No, he didn’t.  He came out of Grandma’s belly.”
Chloie, disgusted: “Then he shouldn’t be in our family!”

I sure love my littles!!
Happy 2011!!


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3 responses to “Some Funny Things I Don’t Want to Forget

  1. Yours Truly

    Very cute!! I need to start writing down the things my little’s say ( I call mine little’s now too, just like you… yes, I am a copy cat).

  2. LOL I love these! We just started our own “Noteable Quotable’s” to include in our Christmas letter every year (via a friend’s idea). My kids say some pretty funny stuff too!!

  3. Therese Moriarty

    You are a good writer! The funny things that little ones say are usually forgotten because parents are so busy. Yet you manage to keep a list of their funny statements.
    Keep on writing. Children’s logic is so original!

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