Seeing Eye Dog

Gabryel, 11, came home from school yesterday sulking.  I asked him what was wrong and he said that his teacher didn’t believe him that he was having trouble seeing the board at school.  I asked him why she wouldn’t believe him and he said he didn’t know…but that she called him a liar.  I, being a good momma, felt instantly defensive.  “HOW DARE SHE CALL MY BOY A LIAR!”  I decided that I would email her a piece of my mind.

This morning, before sending Gabe off to school, I asked him about the teacher one more time.  I asked him what led up to him telling her about his difficulty seeing the board.  He said that they were reading about a blind boy in class, and he mentioned his trouble seeing the board.  He, again, said that his teacher called him a liar.  Though I thought that his timing may have been inappropriate, I still felt defensive about the teacher calling my boy a liar.

I decided to send out the following email:

Good morning!

Gabryel came home last night and was concerned that you do not believe him that he is having a hard time seeing far away.  I took him to the eye doctor this past summer and he does have a bit of near-sightedness.  Because it is difficult for children to wear glasses, and keep them from being broken, the eye doctor said that we could wait to get them…however, he IS having a more difficult time this year, so we will take him back in for another appointment in the winter.

Gabryel felt terrible that you thought that he would be dishonest.  He tends to be a very honest boy, and he wants to please the adults that are responsible for him.  I understand that you were reading a story about a blind child, and perhaps Gabe’s timing was inappropriate.  He did not lie about having a hard time seeing far away, however.

If you notice, as his teacher, that he is having a more difficult time seeing things far away, please let me know and we will get him into the eye doctor sooner.  Thanks so much!

Have a great day!
~Beckie Ebling

She responded with this:

Hi Mrs. Ebling,

Thank you for your email. Gabe did tell me that he had a difficult time seeing, and I believed that. However, the part that I questioned him about was that Snickers was his seeing eye dog. If that is true, I apologize. Gabe is a delightful student and I enjoy working with him very much. I apologize for having upset him.

I work with Gabe in reading class with a group of 4-5 students. All of the work that we do is around a table. So, there isn’t much “far away” work. But if I do notice any trouble with his sight, I will be sure to let you know.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!  A seeing eye dog?!!

My response:

Hello, again.

Oh my goodness!!  Snickers is NOT his seeing eye dog.  I cannot believe he said that!!  I am so sorry.  Gabryel neglected to mention that he said that to you.  Snickers is a Yorkie…and can barely take care of himself.  Sigh…  Gabe does love to tell stories, but I will talk to him about making them up and claiming them as fact.  I apologize for not having the whole story before emailing you.

Have a wonderful day!!

~Beckie Ebling

Her response:

Mrs. Ebling,

Please don’t worry. I did know that Snickers was a Yorkie because Gabe talks about him a lot. That is what makes the story kind of funny. Can you imagine a Yorkie as a seeing eye dog?

Have a great day!


I am definitely going to have to have a talk with my boy.

Loving them because of Him,



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5 responses to “Seeing Eye Dog

  1. Beloved Aimee

    lol….oh my. I love it. Our kids huh??? so funny.

  2. Jayme S

    AH HA HA HA!!! I only laugh because I have an 11 year old!! This is too funny!!

  3. Mom

    Out of the mouths of babes… I’m still laughing.

  4. Kerrie

    That is so funny! I’ve done things like that way to many times with my son! Hope you are feeling great. (or as great as you can right now)

  5. Laura

    This is seriously one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a while…oh man.

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