I was driving Iszak to football practice yesterday when he informed me that I’d have to walk into the school with him to talk to his coach.  I had no make-up on, my hair was in a sloppy ponytail and I was wearing a ratty tank top.  Needless to say, I was feeling less than pretty.

Looking in my visor mirror, I put on some lip gloss and said, “Thanks for telling me now, Ike.  If I’d known that I had to walk into the building I would have at least put on some make-up.  My face looks so fat and I look so swollen and pregnant.”

After a minute, he smiled and said, “Mom, make-up won’t make you look any less fat and pregnant.”



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3 responses to “Teenagers!

  1. HAHAHA! Kids!! Gotta love ’em!

  2. Priceless…… they know just how to lift us up when we are feeling a little down! ;0

  3. Mom

    Oh my gosh! That is so-o-o0-o funny! Out of the mouths of babes (even though he IS 13)! I actually laughed out loud 🙂

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