Wet Sheets

We were all sound asleep in the camper last Saturday night when Lollie woke up with a bad dream.  She came into my bedroom, asking to snuggle.  Sleepily, I held her close until she fell back to sleep.  A few hours later I woke up in a puddle, with Lollie quickly slipping out of bed and into the bathroom.  She’d peed on me!!   In the bathroom, she took off her wet pajamas while I found her some dry pajamas.   As she dressed, I found a towel to put on my bed – Adrian and Ayden were sleeping in my bed, and I didn’t want to disturb them – and I changed my pajamas.

Lollie walked quietly into my room, looked at the towel, and said, “I think I’ll sleep with Abbie so I don’t have to sleep in your wet bed.”  With that, she left my bedroom and snuggled into her sister’s dry bed…leaving me to sleep on towels.

Thanks, Lollie.

Loving them because of Him,


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  1. Oh wow! That kind of thing has happened to me way to many times!!!! (Actually about 3 nights ago) Most of the time I’ve been remembering to take the little ones potty if they wake up, more often than not they will go if I take them. Kerrie

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