Yes, I Know…

Just in case you were planning to ask…

How many kids do you have?

Wait… Does that number include the one in your tummy?
Nope.  That’ll make 9.

Are they all yours?
Yes, they are all mine.

Do they all have the same father?
Yes, they are all mine and my husband’s together.

Don’t you know how it happens?
Yes, I know how it happens.  In fact, I have obviously mastered the skill.

Are you done now?
Done? Having babies?  That is between my husband, myself and God.

Are you Catholic?
Nope, I’m a born again Christian.

Have you always wanted a lot of kids?
Yes, I have always wanted a large family.  I think I may have started dreaming about being a mom the moment I was born.

Are you a stay-at-home mom?
Yes, I am a stay-at-home mom.

How can you stand being with your kids all the time?
Believe it, or not, I love being a mom and I love being with my children.

How do you afford all of those kids?
My husband is a wonderful provider.  Our kids don’t need to have everything that everyone else has.  We sometimes cut corners, but we never go without.

Are you on …ahem… welfare?
Nope.  God gave us our children, He will make sure that they are provided for.

How do you give all of your kids enough attention?
They are all loved and they each have a special place in our family.

How do you do it?
Do what, exactly?  How do I wake up every morning?  How do I cook enough for supper?  How do I not lose my mind?  Only by the grace of God!!

I find it strange, really, that people think that the above questions are appropriate.  I would never say to a mom of one or two children, “Wow!  Only one (or two) children?!  Don’t you know how it happens??”

Loving them because of Him,



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7 responses to “Yes, I Know…


    Congratulations! Matthew just said, “that’s makes 9!” I would have had to recount them all (if I hadn’t read your above posting). Is this part of the source of your headaches? When is the due date?

  2. Those are all good questions and I totally respect your faith in God for all your needs. Seriously that is totally awesome.

  3. love it!!!

    and congratulations 🙂

  4. Mandi

    :-O I can’t believe you’ve gotten asked if you get welfare! What is wrong with people???

  5. Jessica

    i have to admire you! i can barely keep my five kids organized and in line, let alone have them be self motivated to start a cleaning project all by themselves! i don’t know how people get their children to help out like that! what is your secret? i always wanted more kids, but i think i need to figure out how to be more organized and consistent with my kids first. do you have a chore list? what kind of consequences do you use? how do you get them to help out or stay next to you in stores? is it hard?

    do you practice the same religion as the duggers?

  6. I get those ?s with just 5! LOL With the “do u know how it happens” one, I have actually said before, “No, will u explain it to me? ” LOL people are so strange and I often wonder why it bothers them so much!

  7. Megan

    Congratulations on another bundle of joy!! I’m pregnant with number two and I’m done (for the time being). I admire you for having 8, soon to be 9. Many blessings to you guys!!

    P.S. I had a lady whisper under her breath (right behind me) at the grocery store one day, “well, now I know where all my tax money goes”. She said this because I’m pregnant and I had Eli with me, but no wedding ring on (I’m too fat for it to fit right now). I didn’t feel like wasting my time or energy on telling her that Dave and I both have full-time jobs (and maybe to go screw herself).

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