Turtle at the Race

Iszak and Gabryel were at Boy Scout camp for a week.  They came home full of of stories!  One of the stories was about an animal race.  Gabe joined a bunch of boys, choosing wild pets and racing them through an obstacle course.  Gabe’s wild pet of choice: a painted turtle that he named Smiles. (Who chooses a turtle for a race??  Our Gabe.  Other boys had lizards, frogs and snakes.  Gabe had a turtle.)

The race included obstacles like “The Hallways of DEATH”, “The Pool of Relaxation”, “The Sands of DEATH”, “The Steps of DEATH”, “The Cushions of Sleeping Lizards”, “The Cushions of Salamander Sleep”, and “The Cushions of Turtle DEATH”.

Iszak, who was sitting in his tent across the street from the races, said that he could hear Gabe cheering, “Come on, Buddy!”…”You can do it!”…”Come ON!!”

In the end, Smiles didn’t win the race.  The leaders did create an award for Gabe, though – “Most Spirited Trainer”.  He received a homemade cardboard award and a stuffed turtle.

Loving them because of Him,


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