School Days

It is hard to believe that the littles started going to public school just over four months ago.  It wasn’t a decision that was made lightly.  Much thought and prayer went into it.  Now, as we finally approach the end of the school year, I can look back and see both positives and negatives in our decision.

Of course, first and foremost, I miss my bigger littles during the day.  I used to spend my day with all of my children, learning along side them.  We discovered life together.  When the kids went to school they began to learn independently of me.  They began learning about things I have never heard of.  They began speaking about people I have never met.

Going to public school has proven to be especially hard on Iszak and Abbigayle.  I suppose, maybe, it’s because they are the oldest boy and girl in our family and have always felt a bit of responsibility for the other littles in our family.  Perhaps it is hard for them to be away.  Iszak has struggled with deadlines and due dates.  He has never had to meet a deadline for an assignment, so this concept has been difficult to grasp.  Abbigayle has struggled with the social issues in a classroom.  She wants to be friends with everyone and is a peacemaker.  She gets upset about conflict and is especially sensitive when people don’t like her.  She has made some wonderful friends, but struggles daily with the cattiness in her classroom.  Gabryel has done extremely well.  He transitions very easily and is always up for a new challenge.  He makes friends easily and isn’t afraid to “be himself”.  Phoebie struggled a lot in the beginning, mostly with separation anxiety.  She is a momma’s girl and doesn’t like to be too far away from me.  She has come to love her teacher, though, and has made great strides in learning.

As Summer is just around the corner, I am preparing to get back to the way things were…if even just for a short season.  The bigger littles do have summer school two weeks each month, but the days will be much shorter.

It seems impossible that Malakai will start kindergarten next year.  He will go to school every other day for a full day.  He hardly seems big enough to be ready.

Where does the time go?  ….

Loving them because of Him,


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  1. Hello Beckie,

    You have a lovely blog here. Keep up the great work and never stop speaking from your heart. You can feel it in your words.

    Laura J. Reeves

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