Menu Plan Monday


This is a new idea for me – menu planning.  Not sure how it will go, but I thought it would be worth a try.

I am going to start with planning my suppers.

Monday: Hamburger gravy, mashed potatoes, bread and butter.

Tuesday: Ravioli with spaghetti sauce, corn, garlic french bread.

Wednesday: Potatoes, beef and corn hotdish.

Thursday: Pork roast with carrots and potatoes, french bread.

Friday: Homemade pizza, salad.

Saturday: Tacos.

Sunday: Adrian and I cook together on Sundays, so I can’t plan ahead.  :o)



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2 responses to “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Mom

    SUNDAY: Perkins
    MONDAY: Arby’s
    TUESDAY: Olive Garden
    WEDNESDAY: Cracker Barrel
    THURSDAY: Kentucky Fried Kitchen
    FRIDAY: Red Lobster
    SATURDAY: Papa Murphy’s

    Why cook, when there are all sorts of choices out there?! LOL!
    Love, Mom

  2. Auntie Jan "Mom II"

    Hi Sweetie,

    What about the veggies and salad and fresh fruit?
    Hmmmmmm. We need to be well balanced!

    Auntie Jan

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