My Grandma….a List of Memories

A List of Memories………..

My Memories:
*loved Jesus

*homemade cookies
*grilled cheese sandwiches
*tiny hands
*polyester pants
*hair scarves
*pink lipstick
*robe over jammies
*shampoo hair dos
*King’s Corner
*Perry Mason
*VCR questions
*Love Inspired novels
*newspaper funnies
*shopping at Applebaum’s
*hand washing dishes
*early breakfast
*pistachio salad
*Miss Piggy
*little shoes
*small steps
*loved Grandpa
*loved babies
*holding my babies
*Agape love
*crooked teeth
*itty bitty ears
*beautiful hands
*holding hands with Grandpa
*crippling hands
*quick tongued
*singing hymns
*picking up fuzzies
*picking raspberries
*worrying about pneumonia caused by getting cold
*tucked in tight at night
*forgetting words
*family parties
*walks at the Falls
*horrible nursing home
*beautiful Lighthouse
*ice cream
*sweet smile
*contagious laugh
*beautiful curly hair
*creamy white skin
*breast cancer
*home invasion/robbery
*decorations for every season
*constant cleaning
*scratch paper
*stuffed animal friends
*tiny nose

My Kids’ Memories:
*gifts for we gave for holidays
*Valentine’s we made
*loves Grandpa
*said our singing was horrible
*loved everything except our singing
*Phoebie gave her a monkey
*one day she was angry
*she learned how to roll her wheelchair
*Gabe pushed her in her wheelchair
*Grandpa fed Grandma
*Ike always made her pictures
*Abbie sang to Grandma and the other grandmas
*homemade Christmas calendar
*Halloween party
*Christmas party
*upset lots of times
*petting her kitties
*moving to the nursing home

*Malakai calling her “Grandpa”
*eating snacks
*making framed pictures



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  1. ♥ This was sweet Beckie. You should make a copy for each of your kids.

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