Letter to Gabryel

It was Gabryel’s birthday on February 11th.  I have decided that I am going to write each of my children a letter on their birthday.  Because Gabryel has the first birthday of each year, he gets the first letter.

Dearest Gabryel,

I can hardly believe that you are already 10.  It seems like just yesterday you were toddling around behind Iszak, trying to do everything he did.  Now you are double digits!

You were a wonderful surprise from God, Gabryel.  Your daddy and I didn’t know if we’d have any more babies after we had Iszak — I know that seems crazy to you now, with us having our eighth baby soon — so we were thrilled to find out that you were on your way.

Your dad and I knew that we’d have our hands full the moment you were born – coming into this world with your middle finger up, as if you were giving everyone your opinion of being forced out into the cold world.  You definitely had your own plan, from day one.  You didn’t want to sleep in your own bed, so would fuss and cry until I would give in and take you into my bed.  You slept in my bed for, what felt like, years.  You didn’t want to watch your big brother walk while you were forced to crawl, so you were our youngest walker.  You loved Thomas from the time you discovered what television was.  All of your early birthday gifts contained Thomas toys and books.

Looking at you now, nobody would imagine how chubby your cheeks and thighs were.  I couldn’t help but squeeze you!  You have always had a smile that lights up your face, and brings warmth to those around you.  Your funny sense of humor keeps everyone in stitches.  Your silly dances and corny jokes keep us laughing.

You have always been my “yes guy”.  I can ask you to do anything and you are quick to comply.  Of course, if there is a tv or electronic device nearby….well…I can’t guarantee that you will stay on task.  I will never forget the time that your daddy took apart the Nintendo 64 and hid the wires, only to wake up to the whole thing connected again.  There you sat, smiling and playing.  We still can’t figure out how you did it.  You were only 4!!

You are an eager learner, and always have been.  You have an insatiable appetite to discover everything that is in your world.  It is so fun to teach you because you have such a willingness to learn.

I am so blessed to be your mom.  I am very thankful that God chose us for each other.

Praying for many blessings in the coming year and always!

I love you!
Love, Mom

Psalm 2:11 NIV
Serve the LORD with fear and rejoice with trembling.


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