Missing My Camera

I love having a digital camera — it has become a staple in my life.  If the kids make a funny face or do something really great, I yell, “FREEZE!”, as I frantically try to find the camera to take the “candid” shot.

My kids often hear:

“Do that again!”…. “No, not THAT.  The thing you were doing a minute ago!”

“Hug your brother one more time.”…. “Don’t strangle him!  Hug him!”

“Get a little closer…a little closer.”….  “Don’t sit on him!”

I am sure that the kids love picture time, despite their obvious rebellion to it.  Maybe, if I was a bit faster, or always knew where my camera was, it would be better.

For now, however, all of those “candid” shots will have to wait.  My camera is broken.  I miss it so much!  I miss paying the kids a quarter to find it.  I miss hearing the kids whine, “He’s sitting on my foot!”  I miss trying to make everyone look the same way, or smile at the same time.

I just want a new camera!!  Does anyone know someone who sells them?  I mean…besides my husband.  (The plumber’s wife never has a working toilet.  I am thankful that MY husband sells electronics.)

Until next time,




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2 responses to “Missing My Camera

  1. I have two of them now. The new one (with the zoom) is great for my nature pictures. The smaller one (Sony Cybershot) is a great little camera for inside shots of the kids.

    Hope you get a camera soon. 🙂

    I tagged you for a purse/photo meme. Not sure what the official rules are for it but you can read mine at my blog and then do one too!

  2. Anne

    Hi, Beckie! I decided to stop by and see what the Eblings have been up to and was blown away by what you’ve been through this past week! Praise the Lord for His good provision. Praying for your new little one to grow strong and healthy!
    Stay warm!

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