New Years


I can hardly believe it….another year has come and gone.  Only 52 minutes left of 2008 .

2008 holds many wonderful memories – enjoying Ayden’s first weeks of life, watching each of my children grow a year older, our trip to the Creation Museum, buying our new camper and finding our campground, making new friends and holding on to old friends, moving into the home that my great-great grandfather built, enrolling the kids in school, going to the kids’ first school concerts, finding a new church home….  So many special moments all wrapped up in 12 short months.

As 2008 comes to a close, and 2009 begins, I find my mind spinning with thoughts of things I want to do better.  I want to love my husband more deeply, hold my children more closely, invite my parents for more dinners, visit my grandparents more often, reach out to my in-laws more passionately, make myself more available to my loved ones…  I want to think of myself less and of others more.  I want to find true happiness in selflessness.

I have decided that I need to begin with ONE goal – one resolution.  My resolution for 2009 is to love.  Not just any love.  Agape.  The definition of agape is: selfless love of one person for another.  That is my resolution.  To have agape love for my husband, my children, my family, my friends.  And to show it….always.

Blessings beyond measure in 2009!



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  1. Happy New Year Beckie. I pray you will truly be filled with agape love!

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