It was a Happy 1st Birthday!!

Ayden turned one on December 27th.


I can hardly believe a year has passed since he was born.


Ayden came into the world a wee bit early, but not early enough for his sister, Phoebie, who wanted him here for Christmas.  She prayed that her new baby would be born on Christmas Day and cried when he hadn’t made his appearance by her bedtime.


Ayden came in his own time, just as he has done everything.  He said “Dada” instead of “Mama”, even though I said “Mama” to him at least 30,000 times before he uttered his first word.  He found a new mode of transportation that he prefers over crawling – an adorable butt scoot.  He grew one top, crooked tooth weeks before growing in his other top tooth – also crooked.  (He is already determined to get braces!)  He took his first solo step on his first birthday – stepping from a dining room chair to his daddy’s knee, despite my months of prodding him to take his first step to me.  I guess, whether I like it or not, he is a daddy’s boy.  It doesn’t matter how I try to get him to do things my way, Ayden is going to do it all his way.


My birthday wish for Ayden is that he have a wonderful life, dedicated to the Most High God;

that he love his family and feel the love that we have for him.


We call you blessed, Ayden.

In Him always, Beckie



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3 responses to “It was a Happy 1st Birthday!!

  1. christinnjon

    Hi Beckie! I’m on wordpress, too. I actually really love it…despite a thing or two that irks me, it suits me perfectly.

    I can’t believe how fast a year has gone by! My husband’s birthday is on the same day. So how are you doing! How is your pregnancy going and how are you feeling? Please, you have GOT to tell me your secrets on how you handle your pregnancies and homeschooling and well, the rest of life! Happy New Year!

  2. Awh, sweet Ayden. 🙂 I love the pictures with Ayden and his daddy and Ayden and his momma. Very sweet.

  3. He’s so sweet Beckie! What a cutie pie. Happy belated birthday Ayden.

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