It was Still Christmas!!

Christmas came this year without the usual preparations.  We have yet to find our boxes filled with Christmas ornaments and decorations.  We only found our Christmas tree and a few miscellaneous items.

The kids decorated the tree with baby toys, hair pretties and the few ornaments they found.  (Who would’ve known that a star rattle would make such a lovely tree topper?)  They hung socks over the fireplace instead of stockings.  Their creativity this year brought smiles to my face every time I walked into the living room.


(Tree decorated with baby toys and hair pretties.)


(Actual Christmas socks.)

Abbie, 8, is our gift giver.  She loves to give special things to her friends and family.  This year she found her most special toys and lovingly wrapped them in Christmas wrap for her brothers and sisters.  She tucked the gifts neatly under the tree, eagerly anticipating Christmas Eve night when her siblings would find the toys she gave them.  On Christmas Eve, as each gift was opened, Abbie’s eyes sparkled as she watched her beloved toys go to new owners.  She sacrificed her own things for the happiness of her brothers and sisters.  I think that she was happier in that moment, giving her toys away, than she was when she opened her own gifts.  It is her giving heart that makes her happy.


Our children taught us so much this year – about loving each other and giving, about sacrifice and contentment….  It truly was a Merry Christmas!!


“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11

Blessings, Beckie


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  1. Merry Christmas, Beckie, and Happy New Year! What big changes your family has been going through. Congratulations on your new little Ebling on the way. You have such a beautiful family!


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